Slimming and Tightening

Our Slimming Massage provides an instantly toning treatment using manual kneading and wavelike strokes. These techniques aim to rupture and disrupt pockets of fat caused by poor circulation. Although this massage is excellent at reducing the appearance of cellulite and any water retention, results are best received when paired with our other slimming treatments and proper diet and exercise.

Duration: 60 minutes

The new and improved Exilis Elite delivers twice the energy of the original model to accelerate shrinking fat cells and stimulating collagen production. This non-surgical procedure, reminiscent of a hot stone massage, will smooth and tighten your skin while slimming down your face and body.

Duration: 30-60 minutes

The ReFirme Laser’s revolutionary technology combines bipolar radiofrequency and infrared energy to effectively and gently provide a face lift. This non-invasive tightening procedure visibly reduces the signs of aging, leaving your skin smooth and remarkably firm

Duration: 30-60 minutes